Persian Broccoli

I am about to post my first foodblog entry. Maybe somebody is curious why in the world I am not using my mother tongue. Well, to make a long story short…oh well it is a long story, can’t make it short: A friend of mine (a real nice californian girl) has had a foodblog for quite some time now ( check it out – I love reading her posts!) and during our stay in the US Tobi and I visited her and her husband. I got inspired but knew right away I won’t be able to accomplish what she is doing. I mean she actually loves cooking by now (don’t know if I will ever take those words in my mouth…I mean LOVE is such a big word ;)). Anyway, I got inspired but never used the inspiration. Now we got ourself a blog *yay* and I cooked this following meal today and thought…how about shooting some pics in the process. They are taken by an IPhone not a Canon or something and the light and so forth could probably be better, but it is a start and I am happy : ).

This is the first story behind the english language in this post the second reason is that Tobi and I enjoy talking in english sometimes and want to practice it, so I will use this blog for this matter every now and then.

However…lets cut to the chase:


The recipe is from a cookbook I got from my mother-in-law. It helps me a lot finding vegan recipes and they are most times easy too, at least this one is:


– a small onion
– 750 g broccoli
– 2 T walnuts
– 1 T yeast flocks
– 1 tsp salt seasoned with herbs
– a little bit of lemonjuice

First I steamed the chopped onion, added the broccoli. Mix in an extra bowl the chrushed walnuts, yeast flocks and salt. Add to broccoli and season with lemon juice. Done. Easy and special.

We had it with baked potatoes and some leftover soyastuff (an other story)

PicMonkey CollageZutaten

A lot of times we skip the dessert but today is a special day (labors day in Austria, Germany and Switzerland) so we ended up with soja dessert (don’t know what it is called in english) with cherries and vegan biscuits. And to round it up we enjoyed the sunshine on our balcony during dinner – it was a very nice day!

PicMonkey CollageDessert

6 thoughts on “Persian Broccoli

  1. Julia, ich bin so stolz auf dich! 🙂

    From the looks of it you already have a great start for the food photography/styling, and I KNOW you will do a fabulous job with this. Just wait — you will love cooking soon, yes, LOVE it!

    Sending you a big high five and a hug!

    • Danke Tiffany! : )

      Who knows, maybe you are right…but at least I love the taking pictures and blogging part 😉 its fun and helped a lot! Thanks for you inspiration!
      I guess its going to take an other year until I can say „love cooking“, however I won’t given up 🙂

  2. Dear Julia,

    I absolutely LOVE your blog (just found out you guys have one)!! ^^ …and yes, I can take this big word into my mouth, cause I really DO love it!!
    Great entries, great articles! Thanks so much for the sharing your cooking ideas – I will be looking forward to reading new posts!

    All the best for the two of you!

    • thanks Regina for your comment 🙂
      We just started our blog about a week ago, its fun sharing and looking back on our experiences!

      greetings from Austria!

  3. Hey cool! Will ich mal ausprobieren! Bin gespannt auf weitere Inspirationen! Alles liebe euch beiden von den Hofis!!! 😉

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